Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sewcapades - Camera Pouch

I have rekindled my on and off again relationship with my sewing machine (and also started to add to my fabric horde again...) as I am making useful pouches and bags for my upcoming holiday to the US! Below are some photos of the 1st (orange vintage fabric) and 2nd (green vintage fabric) attempts at my own design of a small camera pouch. 


I think I may restitch the orange one as I hand stiched it and it hasn't come out exactly as I wanted (it also needs an iron!). I really like the cute print of the fabric and had been wanting to use it in a project. I have several other fabrics cut out ready to make a few more so I can get it absolutely perfect.

I'll be posting some more about my sewing escapades as I try to make the perfect travelling cosmetic pouch/makeup brush holder. Stay tuned... :)

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