Sunday, 29 May 2011

Weekend Project: Table Runner

We recently bought a new dining table - dark brown wood with dark brown pleather chairs. It was looking very dark and brown all by itself so I used some spare fabric to make a table runner. Seeing as this was my first table runner and I didn't use a pattern, I don't think I've done too bad a job. Excuse the bad quality photos, the light isn't too great in my place!

I'm thinking of replacing the brown chairs with a lighter coloured ones to break up the dark silhouette. We are eventually replacing the gross beige speckled carpet with wood laminate flooring and painting the walls a very light grey/white. 

Don't ya just love succulents! I got this cute little potted arrangement from my local hardware store. I love the cute periwinkle blue/lilac glazed pot.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Procrastination - Yes We Can. Maybe. Later.

Alright, so i've been a bit lax updating my blog.

I know it looks unprofessional, but I just can't seem to find the motivation to sit and write a blog article. There are all these amazing ideas floating in my head, but not enough ooomph to push them out into my fingertips and onto the keyboard...

So I have decided to 'pull my finger out' and get cracking with a goal to write one blog post a week.

Just one (and this one isn't included as it's more of a rant than actually being productive). Planning to post on Sunday's so if there isn't one here by Monday - you know to come and tell me off on twitter or facebook!

Also I think I may be addicted to Pinterest. Help.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

New Cookbooks

I have one of those awesome credit cards with reward points and have racked up a few points due to my online shopping adventures (some might call it an addiction pffft whatever...). I was looking through the catalogue and saw some awesome cookbooks that i have being eyeing off for a while so decided to get them for FREE with my points yay! 

I purchased '30 Minute Meals' by Jamie Oliver and 'Food Safari' by Mauve OMeara (food from the awesome show of the same name). I spent a couple of hours on the couch with a cup of tea looking through the books and I must say I am spoilt for choice for what to make.

Jamie's '30 minute' recipes have copped a bit of flack for supposedly taking over 1.5 hours to make, but he does say that it may take a bit of practise to get really efficient in the kitchen. Watching him slice mushrooms and onions in the food processor in about 2 seconds has convinced me I need one! I think i'll tackle the 'Wonky Summer Pasta, Herby Salad and Pear Drop Tartlets' next weekend (will have to go to the gym that day for sure!). 

I loved watching the Food Safari show on SBS and am looking forward to making authentic meals from other countries. If only I could get decent sushi grade tuna here in Kalgoorlie...

Check out what looks like a super omnomalicious Tiramasu recipe from the Food Safari website. 

Sunday, 1 May 2011


The last week has been a bit of a shamozzle for me as I was away for Easter and came home sick, hence why I haven't blogged for a while. Also, my camera is still being repaired so I haven't been able to do any more product photography. I spent today creating some new peices and have a few that I am chomping on the bit to shoot so I can get my new designs out in the big wide yonder! Good news though, my camera should be fixed and home by mid next week. 

I've also discovered Pinterest (or more correctly, I was invited) and am loving it! Search for theori  (or click the link) to see my profile and some of the prettiness and inspiration that I have found on this awesome site. Such a fabulous idea for brides, event planners, interior designers, fashionistas etc. LOVE!