Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Morning Cookin'

I have been wanting to bake bread rolls for a couple of weeks and this weekend, I finally got around to it! I followed the recipe on that came with my breadmaker, but I used fine pasta/pizza flour instead of normal plain flour. The final product was well worth it, gorgeous soft, light, warm bread!  Now I think I need to cook some yummy soup to go with them - maybe cauliflower and potato? 


Saturday, 5 May 2012

I have started to photograph and list a few new items in these past couple of weeks and an quite excited about the quality of the photos that I am putting up. I have discovered the best lighting for my pieces - mid - late afternoon with overcast skies. Lovely diffuse light that brings out the best in my gems. I've started to redo some of my items photos and I am actually hoping that it stays overcast this weekend so I can get some good shots!

Also, I have purchased a soldering kit and am very excited for it to arrive in my mailbox so I can start on the next phase of my designs. I have big ideas for statement necklaces and earrings that I can't wait to start working on - not least of which is designing and crafting my bridal jewellery (so many ideas for that - I can't even decide on the gems to use yet!!).