Thursday, 21 April 2011

Style File - Retro Office

Seeing as I am going to be away for Easter, I thought I would post my 'Style File' a bit early this week! I love the retro pin up look and I think this version is just understated enough to wear to work (if only I didn't work at a mine site!)

Vintage Dress by thrush

with vintage jacket by newwavenatives

Vintage frames by vintage50seyewear

Shoes at
Earrings by onegarnetgirl 

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Caring for Your Succulent or Cactus 101

Succulent Fairy Wreath by Fairyscape
I have an Environmental Science degree majoring in Botany, hence I know how a plant works. Even so, I still manage to kill what some might say is some of the hardiest plants out there - succulents and cacti (i am going to put it down to too much love; ie, too much watering :P).

In order to keep my funky little plant friends alive, I did some research and thought I would share a few pointers (adapted from The Succulent Garden).

Like good photography, plants need light to live - it's their food! Even though succulents and cacti live in the baking desert sun, you need to introduce them slowly to direct sunlight in the warmer months (mistake numero uno for me), 1-2 days to start. Most often, good quality filtered or diffuse light is enough for your prickly pal.

The amount of watering you will need to do depends on a few factors; size and type of pot, time of year, type of plant, amount of sun etc.

Obviously, they will need more water in the warmer months and less in cool months. Try to water in the morning as leaving a plant with wet, cold roots over night isn't too good for them. If you have your cacti in a tall pot, remember that they only have shallow root systems and overwatering can cause diesease as fungus and mould grow in the bottom of the pot!

Don't be too concerned with fertiliser as these types of plants don't generally need alot. If you would like to give them a helping hand, look for one with a low nitrogen content.

Mealy Bug (appearing as small white fluffy balls on the leaves towards the inside of the plant) and Aphids (tiny black insects, often on the flowers) are regulars on succulents and cacti. A regular spraying with a plant pest spray during the warmer months will prevent insect damage.

I hope you enjoy gardening with the very beautiful and versitile family of succulents and cacti - I know I have!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Style File - Relaxed Wedding

I love planning outfits/makeup and hair for events so I thought I would start a little feature on Fridays for showing you my styling for various events.

This week I'm imagining attending a relaxed/casual summer wedding (it's coming on to winter here so I can dream!).


With the caplet to match (both from rattamatatt):

Don't forget the hair peice (Mandizzle)!

Ooooo Shoes! Practical and Cute! (FollowMeMoon)

Jewellery to round off the outfit


Fruits of the Garden - In Miniature!

Lemoncello with Mini Lemon!

I was watering my garden this morning and notice that my new lemon tree had produced a tiny little lemon! And when I say tiny, it is about 1.5cm long! Lets hope the tree perks up soon and produces proper sized fruit (I won't say anything too loudly around the tree - it might feel inadequate - hehe).

Please excuse the photo - it was taken with my iphone!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Cocktail Hour - Tuscany Lemon Drop

A few weeks ago I went out for Friday Date Night with my man to a local restaurant. The food was to be desired, but my mind was blown by the cocktail that I started my meal with - the Tuscany Lemon Drop. 

Some may be sceptical about a cocktail with rosemary in it, but it adds a special something to the drink that really works! It's basically vodka, lemoncello, lemon sour, sugar syrup and a rosemary sprig in a rosemary sugar rimmed glass. Bliss!

Read the full recipe at Culinary Fool.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Time for a New Lens Me Thinks

New 'Over the Rainbow' necklace shot before 'The Incident'
So I was doing some product photography today and I was pretty excited as I had some cool new designs I was looking forward to listing. I am still getting used to my new tripod and pushed a button I shouldn't have. Next thing I know, the quick release was disengaged and my camera goes plumeting to the ground. It fell only about 2 feet, but it must have hit the lens just on the right spot as now it makes a very sad sound when it is trying to focus and the focus ring doesn't move any more. I was pretty bummed and I still had a few photos to shoot, not to mention all the other photos I will need to shoot in the future. Sigh.

I am going to check out my warranty as the camera and lens aren't that old. Either that or I can try and get it repaired. I was thinking about getting a new macro lense anyway...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Treasury Thursday...?

Time has whisked me away this week like a bowl of egg whites and I totally forgot about my Treasury spot on Tuesdays! O well - better late than never I suppose!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Studio Tour - The Beginning of the End

I've always wanted a dedicated crafting space - a room to create a little jewellery studio with spaces for crafting, photography, packing and computer work. Alas at the moment I am working out of our 2nd spare bedroom/junkroom/study. As you can imagine, household ephemera builds up over time and if I don't tidy up every few weeks, it gets rather messy...

I am slowly working on redecorating the room (along with the rest of the house) with painting and reflooring to be the next two big projects to tackle. In the mean time, I have mixed things up a bit by rearranging the furniture that I currently have with plans to upgrade to a larger and prettier desk in the future! 

So far, the room looks like this:

Photography/Computer Desk

  Crafting and Computer/Printing Desks (also cat nap area!!)
Postage/Product/Supply Storage

I'll be posting updates on the progress of my 'studio' revamp over the next few months as I get my act into gear!