Sunday, 18 March 2012

Apologies again for the lack of posts over the past few months. I have been ultra busy planning my engagement party and at my day job. I am feeling rather sad that theori has been neglected and am planning on crafting new pieces in the next few weeks (stay tuned for some gorgeous bridal designs i've been working on). 

I thought I would give you a look in on the party that took up alot of my time over hte past 3 or so months - the engagement party! It was held on on the 10th March in my Dad and Stepmum's backyard and pool area. The day proved to be a scorcher - 38 degrees celcius was forecasted! Fortunately the pool was there to cool off in and there was plenty of food, beer and wine to keep the guests occupied. We also had backyard cricket, bocce and other grass games set up which were very entertaining to watch. 

At dinner time, everyone moved around to the backyard for food and to chill out on the handmade picnic blankets! I was most proud of the decorations on the day that were mostly made by me.

It was a lovely day/evening and we can't wait for the wedding to roll around! :)