Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Own Bridesmaids' Jewellery

Wow, it's been awhile since i've posted on here! I've been super busy the past 6 months, getting married, working and buying a block of land to build our first home as a married couple. 

I've been looking forward to this post for months - a showcase of the jewellery my bridesmaids wore to my wedding. I would have loved to have got this post up sooner, but I thought I had lost my SD card with the photos. I found them this week and was elated - now I can show you close ups of my work yay!

I spent over a year thinking about and sourcing the gems I ending up using, I really wanted to have stunning, unique and complementary designs on the day. The peices were designed with the girls dresses in mind as they all wore different necklines. I also took into account what I thought they would wear again after the wedding was over. They all looked so stunning - I was sorely tempted to keep some of the jewellery myself!

My maid of honour, Alyce (pictured middle below), wore cascading sterling silver earrings constructed of pearl, moonstone,  and clear quartz. She also wore a pearl and moonstone sterling silver bracelet. She had a one shoulder dress, so didn't have a necklace as it would have clashed with the neckline. Alyce is a pearl fan (they look gorgeous on her), so I wanted to use alot of pearl in her designs - her bracelet was a large faceted moonstone gem with complementing pearl beads on the side.

Rachel (pictured on the left) wore a long triple wrapped necklace constructed out of moonstone, quartz and pearl. Unfortunately I don't have any close ups of Rach's jewellery. :( I wanted her necklace to balance out her strapless dress, and so made it fairly dramatic. In contrast to the other girls, Rach's earrings were simple moonstone gem drops. 

Cait (pictured on the right) wore sterling silver moonstone and chrysoberyl triple tier earrings that I matched with a moonstone and pearl bracelet. I mirrored the clustering of small moonstone, quartz and pearl beads in the earrings and necklace to tie the designs together. 

I will be posting about my own bridal jewellery in the next month or two, which I can't wait to share. I loved my designs (and have worn the earrings a few times since the wedding - including on my honeymoon)! 

If you would like something similar for your wedding - please send me a convo on etsy and we can discuss what requirements you are after. I can design in gold fill and in a range of different gems colours and cuts - drop me a line! :)

Wedding photos are by White Tulip Photography and Deanna Whyte Photography - AMAZING ladies! :)

Jewellery photos are by yours truely :)