Monday, 6 June 2011

Long Weekend Veg Out Brekkie

It's a long weekend over in my part of the world and it's been rather rainy and dreary for the whole 3 days. This give me a great opportunity to get busy in the kitchen and cook some yummy food! I made pea and ham soup yesterday for dinner and it filled the house with the most yummy aroma all afternoon while it was cooking. 

I've been trying to eat a bit more healthily lately, and whilst browsing Pinterest I saw this nommy pic of a increadibly stunning looking, yet healthy, breakfast.

I was particularly taken by the cute looking little fritters and thought I could make some as well! I decided to add poached eggs as they are my ultimate favourite way to have eggs (especially with hollandaise - drool). 

Grated a zucchini, a carrot and three small potatoes (skin on)

Squeezed the mixture to get rid of excess moisture.
Added some finely grated parmesan, one egg yolk, lemon pepper, salt and thyme
Mixed up again with my hands
Squeezed handfull sized balls together and fried in a pan with Grapeseed oil until golden

Poached an egg (with yolk still soft)
Stacked three fritters on top of each other
Placed egg on top, peirced yolk
Sprinkle of pepper

Nommed it all up!

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