Sunday, 3 April 2011

Studio Tour - The Beginning of the End

I've always wanted a dedicated crafting space - a room to create a little jewellery studio with spaces for crafting, photography, packing and computer work. Alas at the moment I am working out of our 2nd spare bedroom/junkroom/study. As you can imagine, household ephemera builds up over time and if I don't tidy up every few weeks, it gets rather messy...

I am slowly working on redecorating the room (along with the rest of the house) with painting and reflooring to be the next two big projects to tackle. In the mean time, I have mixed things up a bit by rearranging the furniture that I currently have with plans to upgrade to a larger and prettier desk in the future! 

So far, the room looks like this:

Photography/Computer Desk

  Crafting and Computer/Printing Desks (also cat nap area!!)
Postage/Product/Supply Storage

I'll be posting updates on the progress of my 'studio' revamp over the next few months as I get my act into gear!

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